Polyamory Dog Tags

Fashionable dog tags and products dealing with Polyamory

Polyamory means "Many Loves."

A person who is Polyamorous can have more than one love.  Polyamory is a form of responsible non-monogamy.  All the people involved are aware of, and give consent to having multiple romantic paartners.  Folks can have more than one husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, and so forth.

Finding products that reflect Polyamory values is very difficult through normal commercial outlets.  You can't run down to the mall and find Poly themed items.  We have created a line of fashionable Poly Dog Tags, that reflect the Polyamorous life.

On the following pages, you will find the Poly designs, as well as other fun designs.  Each comes with a 30 inch ball chain.  All Poly Dog Tags are priced at $15 each, plus $3.00 s&h.